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The Bunker Arms Custom Radial Bore barrel bushing is an exclusive design taking the timeless 1911 barrel bushing and enhancing it with today's technologically advanced machining processes. One of the main challenges faced by custom 1911 builders is achieving a zero tolerance lock-up at the muzzle without any barrel springing. Instead of a traditional straight bore bushing design which requires a wedge style lock-up, the radial bore bushing has a radiused bearing surface to allow full contact with the barrel in any position, and throughout the entire cycle, improving accuracy and reliability.


This bushing is currently available in 0.579", 0.580", and 0.582" internal dimensions and a 0.701" outside diameter and retail from $32. 


Fitting is opposite of a traditional bushing. The barrel must be fit to the bushing, instead of the bushing fit to the OD of the barrel. 


I have seen consistent sub half inch groups at 25yrds using this bushing and a properly fit KKM or Kart barrel with Atlanta Arms Elite ammo.  


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