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Copyright: All content appearing on this Web site is the property of Bunker Arms Custom, 11121 Daybreak Gln, Parrish, FL 34219 Copyright © 2015. All rights reserved. As a user, you are authorized only to view, copy, print, and distribute documents and photos on this Web site so long as (1) they are used for informational purposes only, and (2) any copy of the document or photo (or portion thereof) includes the following copyright notice: Copyright ®2015 Bunker Arms Custom. All rights reserved.


Bunker Arms Custom recommends that all parts be installed by a 1911 trained professional gunsmith and that all firearms be tested for safety and function by a professional gunsmith prior to use.


The content included in this web site is provided for information and entertainment purposes only. The content is subject to change without notice as are any products, programs, offerings, or technical information described in this web site. Bunker Arms Custom makes no representation or warranty whatsoever regarding the completeness, quality, or adequacy of the information provided by this web site. By using this web site, you assume the risk that the content on this web site may be inaccurate, incomplete or may not meet your needs and requirements. Bunker Arms Custom SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMS ALL LIABILITY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, FOR THE USE, PROPER OR IMPROPER, OF THE PRODUCTS AND INFORMATION PROVIDED. IN NO EVENT WILL Bunker Arms Custom BE LIABLE FOR ANY SPECIAL, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES EVEN IF COMPANY HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES.


Privacy Policy

Privacy: Bunker Arms Custom does not share customer's information with anyone, any time, for any reason. Ever!


Security: Transactions are processed on a secure server. Additional security measures to protect your credit card information are also used.


Return Policy

Our products are sold as-is and without warranty No Liability is expressed  or implied  for the damage or injury which may result from improper installation, use, or maintenance of your firearm or related products. Please carefully read and follow safety and use manual for all firearms and related products. Modification to your firearm may nullify the manufacturer's warranty, or warranty of components used in the assembly of your firearm. 


 Your satisfaction with my work is always my first consideration. I will expend all necessary effort to customize your gun to the highest level of excellence attainable. If you have any problems, concerns or questions with the finished product, I will do all in my power to make and keep you satisfied. With that being said, all I ask is that you bring your question, concern or grievance directly to me, not to a public Internet forum.


NO WRITTEN WARRANTY: Due to the complexities of complying with the Federal warranty law, Bunker Arms Custom does not offer a written warranty. We continue to stand behind our products and services, and to care for our customers, but we cannot make guarantees or warranties of any kind. This general statement of policies and disclaimers is effective January 1st, 2018, and no prior statements or promises shall be of any effect for transactions after January 1st, 2018.


Shipping your firearm

As for shipping handguns, you can definitely ship a handgun via UPS or FedEx to a FFL holder for repair or custom work; just don't try to use the Post Office (that's only available from one licensee to another). I believe I get the best price and service from FedEx. If your business does any FedEx shipping, that's easy, ship it from your business and pay your employer. If you don't have that avenue, then go to the FedEx website and set up a personal account, billing it to a credit card. You can fill out your shipping label on-line and print it out on your printer. You cannot use the various mall shipping franchisees like The UPS Store or Mailboxes, Etc. to ship handguns. As they are franchisees, not employees of either freight company, they are not allowed to handle firearms shipments. Note: you can ship with the FedEx / Kinko’s stores around the country, as they are employees of FedEx. Handguns are supposed to be shipped directly with UPS or FedEx employees, per their policies and these shopping mall shipping facilities are third party franchisees, not FedEx / UPS employees. Should you decide to ship with them anyway, you should also be aware that they are charging you about 1/3 more than if you used FedEx or UPS. If you haven't followed the shipper's policies and have to file a loss claim, you may have a tough time, even if you paid for insurance.



Use FedEx's Express or UPS boxes (the medium size will ship 2 handguns packed in gun rugs, or one pistol packed in a plastic box, such as Glock & Kimber provide), which you can get from FedEx or UPS for free. Or pack in your own box, just be sure it’s sturdy, well padded and well taped. Gun rugs work great for protection as do large bubble type shipping envelopes. Do not ship guns and ammo in the same box. Pad it well enough so that nothing moves when shaken hard. Put your name, address and phone number inside with each pistol. Enclose your work order form. Insure the shipment for full replacement value. It runs $6.00 per $1,000.00 increments of coverage. Email me when you ship with the tracking number, so I can be watching for it.



FedEx & UPS require that you ship firearms via FedEx Priority Overnight or UPS Next Day Air. Some people will use cheaper shipping options like UPS’s “Saver” or FedEx’s Standard, but if you have a loss, know in advance that you’ll likely have a problem collecting insurance because you didn’t follow the companies shipping policies. Shipping a firearm requires that you select the option that gets an adult signature, which costs about $3.75 extra, but it insures the driver won't lay it on the doorstep, ring the bell and drive off.



Federal law requires that you inform their employee that takes possession of the package that it contains a firearm(s). You may encounter employees who are not up to speed about firearms shipping regulations. They may tell you that you can’t ship a firearm with them, or that you have to have an FFL to ship a firearm. Of course, neither is correct. On occasion, I've had to ask for their supervisor or someone who knew the rules (or would read them) to get my package shipped. The best money spent in firearms shipping is that UPS and FedEx will come to you and pick it up for about $4.00 extra.



When your pistol is finished, I will ship it back to you via FedEx Priority/UPS Overnight, insured for the value you fill in on the work order, plus the cost of the invoice. I will contact you before shipping to be sure an adult will be at the address you filled in on the work order on the day that it should be delivered. The Priority Overnight service guarantee is typically before 10:30 AM local time. If this doesn’t work for you, you are welcome to use your business address on the work order. I can also have it held at the nearest FedEx facility for your pick up.



Copied From FedEx’s Express Terms and Conditions 8-7-2010


A. F edEx Express will transport and deliver firearms as defined by the United States Gun Control Act of 1968, between areas served in the U.S., but only between: 
1. Licensed importers; licensed manufacturers; licensed dealers; licensed collectors; law enforcement agencies of the U.S. or any department or agency thereof; and law enforcement agencies of any state or any department, agency or political subdivisions thereof; or 
2. Where not prohibited by local, state and federal law, from individuals to licensed importers, licensed manufacturers or licensed dealers (and return of same). 
B. I f your shipment contains firearms, select the Direct Signature Required or Adult Signature Required Delivery Signature Option, depending on the requirements of your shipment. See the Delivery Signature Options section for details. Firearms shipments are not eligible for signature release or indirect delivery. 
C. F irearms must be shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight service. FedEx Express cannot ship or deliver firearms C.O.D. Firearms shipments cannot be placed in a FedEx Express Drop Box. 
D. Upon presenting the package for shipment, the person tendering the shipment to FedEx Express is required to notify FedEx Express that the package contains a firearm. The outside of the package must not be marked, labeled or otherwise identify that the package contains a firearm.
E. T he shipper and recipient must be of legal age as identified by applicable law. 
F. The shipper and recipient are required to comply with all applicable government regulations and laws, including those pertaining to labeling. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives can provide assistance. 
G. FedEx Express will transport ammunition when packed and labeled in compliance with local, state and federal law, and the Dangerous Goods section of this Service Guide. Ammunition is an explosive and must be shipped separately as dangerous goods. You agree not to ship loaded firearms or firearms with ammunition in the same package.





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