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Books Officially Closed on Commissioned Builds.

Well the time has come to officially close the books on commissioned 1911 builds. I currently have builds going into next year which will provide a nice transition from a commissioned driven business to a speculation based business, hence the name "spec guns". Next year I will produce a limited number of Signature builds on speculation which will vary in design and caliber. I plan to produce a minimum of six 5" guns, two 6" guns, two 4.5" guns, a bullseye gun and a USPSA gun, hopefully more but there will be a lot of time devoted to design and production of parts as well. If you have been following my work on social media, I have been continuously designing and setting up new parts to manufacture and offer. There are many good things to come; as stated before, I am not getting out of the high-end 1911 market, I am just allowing myself the autonomy to express my vision of a more holistic approach to building a high-end 1911... and starting with a blank canvas each time. I appreciate all of those who have supported my growth in the past and look forward to a very promising future.

Check out the store for new parts as they become available.

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